The sailboat is an incredibly effective means of recreating the typical dynamics of a corporate work group, even simulating any moments of crisis and involving each individual team member.

Sailing team building is a perfect training and play activity for teamwork, group building and enhancing interpersonal relationships. A close-knit team always arises from a gradual process that starts from perfecting shipboard communication and respecting roles to recognizing and accepting the skipper’s leadership.

The sailing regatta, that is, a real race between two or more boats, brings the team inside a real competition that can be likened to the market with its uncertainties and the need to make timely decisions to take advantage of each and every gust of wind to achieve the intended result.


Sailing Challenge, organizes regattas and corporate sailing events throughout Italy and abroad to entertain, incentivize and train up to 500 people together, with sailboats from 7 to 30 meters and one- or multi-day programs. Sailing Challenge has been active since 2001 and has more than 270 organized events and about 11,000 boarded guests.

Target audience

Corporate teams (single- and multi-company) of any area or role.