Umbria is a land of beauty and passion for the manufactured, of quality and tireless care for the environment, of constant attention toethics, well-being,balance and sustainability.

Thanks to his generous nature and to his millennial culture, Umbria therefore represents an ideal setting in which to “plunge” for a learning experience that encourages and fosters creativity, curiosity, and a desire to discover, and prepares for a to know that it stays longer In people’s minds and hearts.

Our training approach is based precisely on the idea that a learning journey can be better if it is cultivated in a context of beauty, which can foster an emotionally positive experience that helps to stimulate creativity, inspiration, and enable better sedimentation of new ideas and knowledge.

Our educational offerings combine this vision with a constant focus on the most important issues of management and personal skill enhancement to provide quality and valuable educational experiences.

Thanks to an Advisory Board made up of excellent experts, it offers educational paths in collaboration with the most prestigious Italian and world universities.

Umbria Business School, was born from the experience of Sistemi Formativi Confindustria Umbria, which has been working with companies for more than 20 years to update people’s technical, management and managerial skills.

What makes the Umbria Business School educational experience unique ?


Sustainability and Ethics

“The beauty of our territory teaches us every day to respect nature and the well-being of people”

The values ​​of sustainability and ethics are of particular importance for our School which is located in an area, Umbria, which has always been a symbol of nature, beauty, well-being and inclusion. These values ​​are the basis of all paths, because we believe that every business issue must be addressed taking into account the human dimension and well-being.


“Our training experiences arise from constant comparison with companies”

The School’s link with the Confindustria world allows for the creation of a contemporary training offer, capable of responding to the real knowledge and skills needs of companies and people who wish to succeed in the world of business and management.


“Training is first and foremost an opportunity for growth and discussion. Therefore, we are committed to cultivating quality relationships

Our school is a sharing space where it is possible to create a network of managerial and entrepreneurial contacts. In our courses we enhance the meeting between experts, teachers, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals, including those of an international level, with the aim of stimulating participants to have a global vision and face new challenges and growth projects.