There is no company today that cannot seriously consider the issue of diversity: cultural, generational, gender, ability, etc. The benefits that come through inclusive management are many: from reputational to human, from market to organizational efficiency to strategy. The course will identify the main dimensions of diversity that affect business life and identify the winning approach to achieve the benefits associated with valuing differences in the company.


Simone Budini. Founding member and Impact Manager of Humanistic ESG benefit company; Project Leader of CeSID (Center on Sustainability, Inclusion and Digitization) at Luiss Business School, and lecturer of Labs on Business Ethics, CSR and Sustainability. Co-manager of SDNS Italy, the leading United Nations network on Sustainability Research.

Target audience

HR managers, Project managers, integration roles, process reengineering and organizational change intervention managers, CSR managers, sustainability and community relations area managers, Public and Institutional Relations managers.