The goal of this course is to master the most effective communication techniques in front of an audience (from a simple client meeting to speaking at a conference), proposing and expressing oneself with confidence.

During the course, participants will learn how to optimize breathing and voice output, perfect phonetics improve rhythms and tones, control postures and gestures, and overcome the widespread anxieties of glossophobia or logophobia (the panic of public speaking).
The course also refines techniques for dealing with press meetings (conferences, TV appearances, radio appearances).

Participants will experience “media training,” in the radio and television studios of the Center for Journalism in Perugia, to handle interviews especially on video.


Maria Concetta Mattei, Director of the Perugia School of Journalism, RAI journalist, conducting expert and one of the best-known “faces” in Italian television news.

Stefano Nazzaro, professor of diction and proxemics at the School of Journalism, speaker for four decades at RAI and one of the most famous and recognizable “voices” of in-depth journalism and documentary television programs in Italy.

Corinna Lo Castro, professor of verbal and nonverbal communication at the School of Journalism, RAI radio “voice”, acting expert, theater and film actress.

Target audience

Entrepreneurs, Managers, Executives, Area Managers and all those who wish to enhance public speaking skills.