The School of Contemporary High Craftsmanship and Arts in Solomeo offers one-year and three-year courses, wishing to pass on traditional crafts to the future generations.

As in the ancient workshops of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the courses are taught in a highly practical manner by expert artisans.

The courses are designed to give young apprentices the tools and skills they need to become qualified professionals who can bring Italian fashion and high artisan creations to life.

The courses are open to young people aged 18 to 32 years, and are held in the hamlet of Solomeo for a maximum of 8 hours a day, and offer a monthly scholarship to all participants.


Courses offered include three-year courses in:

Pattern Making and Women’s Tailoring: The complete structure of the Fashion Master course allows students to learn all the techniques necessary to become a “couturier” of women’s clothing.

Men’s Tailoring: from cutting fabrics to sewing to ironing, course apprentices are guided on a highly qualifying journey to become professionals in made-to-measure tailoring.


The School also offers one-year courses :

Mending: a professional qualification focused on the final stages of quality control of knitwear garments with a high level of craftsmanship.

Linking: specific training in the manual assembly of the various components of a high-quality knitwear garment.

Hand-Knitting: specialization in crochet and hand-knitting techniques for manufacturing superior quality knitwear creations.

Hand-Weaving: training focused on the weaving of high quality knitting yarns on specific looms and machines.

Ironing: a specialized training program focused on performing quality control during the various manufacturing phases, from ironing up to the garment-assembly process – which is crucial for the

creation of an impeccable handcrafted garment.