This track offers an immersive learning experience designed to explore the intersection of advanced technologies and a changing financial sector. While many leaders are familiar with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, understanding their practical impact can be challenging. The course will be geared toward understanding what these tools are and how to use them to create a decision-making environment based on rigorous analyses of facts and data.

The course guides participants in the practical application of data science and artificial intelligence to financial challenges, exploring real-world examples and providing tools to identify, evaluate and exploit business opportunities through data.


Donatella Taurasi serves as Chief Science Officer at Lumen Global Investments LLC. where she has pioneered innovative approaches in investment management, with an emphasis in using data science and machine learning to improve investment decisions. Donatella is Professional Faculty at Haas Business School in Berkeley, California, where she teaches various courses in Finance, Personal Finance, Sustainability, Data Science and Data Analytics. In addition, she holds consulting and mentorship roles at several Silicon Valley companies.

Target audience

Women entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and professionals who wish to enhance their skills through comprehensive and authoritative insights into cutting-edge management issues.