Bushcraft is an outdoor activity that focuses on survival skills and living independently in nature, using natural resources to meet basic needs. This is an activity in which people experiment with ancient survival techniques, such as knowing how to build a shelter out of improvised materials, start a fire or make tools.

This activity is very effective in improving teamwork. In fact, during the course, participants can show all personal problem-solving, stress management, natural leadership and cooperation skills. In addition, getting out of the daily work environment and immersing oneself in nature can stimulate creativity and reflection, and this can lead to new perspectives and innovative solutions to business challenges.


Sibillini Adventure A.S.D. is an organization that practices hiking, environmental education and interpretation, eco-friendly sports such as archery, falconry, orienteering, Nordic walking, softair, recreational-motor activities, bushcraft, survival, and Canadian canoeing. Conducts environmental education and interpretation hiking and training activities. The organization operates in Umbria, specifically in the Monti Sibillini and Valnerina National Park.

Target audience

Corporate teams (single- and multi-company) of any area or role.