The track focuses on how artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies are generating disruption in the corporate world. Led by an expert, this course explores strategies that businesses can implement to adapt and thrive in this new environment. Participants will learn, through case studies and practical approaches, how to leverage these technologies to innovate, remain competitive and effectively manage change.


Alberto Mattiello is a business futurist, author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker. He lives in Miami Beach, Florida. He is the author of “Customer Success.” (2022) “Mind The Change” (2017), “Marketing Thinking” (2017) and “Marketing Psychology Behind Growth” (2018). He is editor of “The Future Of Management” (2019) a series in collaboration with MIT Sloan Management Review on how technology in uences how we will run the company in the future: Chromosome Innovation (2019), Double Acceleration (2021). Alberto Mattiello is a technology and business innovation expert and international speaker with over 400 events in more than 25 countries. He is a mentor at companies and universities, including Imperial College Of London and Bocconi University of Milan.

Target audience

Women entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and professionals who wish to enhance their skills through comprehensive and authoritative insights into cutting-edge management issues.