The course aims to acquire advanced Publick Speaking techniques to increase the effectiveness of one’s public speaking (from corporate meeting, to meeting with new partners, to public occasions such as press conferences and interviews). During the course, participants will learn how to use storytelling to engage the audience, manage the “setting” (classrooms, stages, etc.) and the physical space available to the speaker.

Participants will, in addition, be involved in a kind of “mirror game” aimed at understanding how the audience deciphers the speaker’s body language messages and how the speaker should be able to engage and manage the audience.

The exercises will take place in the radio and television studios of the Perugia Center for Journalism and will focus on handling questions, including complex ones, possible verbal aggression and stressful situations.


Patrick Facciolo, Communication and Public Speaking Expert, Doctor of Psychological Techniques and Broadcast Journalist.

Stefano Nazzaro, professor of diction and proxemics at the School of Journalism, speaker for four decades at RAI and one of the most famous and recognizable “voices” of in-depth journalism and documentary television programs in Italy.

Target audience

Entrepreneurs, Managers, Executives, Area Managers and all those who wish to enhance public speaking skills.